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Robotic devices for  upper limb rehabilitation has been gaining traction within the recovery field as technology advances. it's wont to supplement or facilitate rehabilitation by helping within the repetitive labor-intensive manual medical aid that's ordinarily administered by therapists. This decreases the time demands on therapists because the robotic devices will facilitate move the patient’s limbs throughout exercises, thereby increasing the quantity of medical aid for every patient and increasing the amount of patients undergoing medical aid at the same time.

How MEDESTO can help you?

Robot-mediated rehabilitation is associated with innovative exercise-based medical aid victimization robotic devices that alter the implementation of extremely repetitive, intensive, adaptive, and quantitative physical coaching. Since the primary clinical studies with the MIT-Manus automaton, robotic applications are progressively accustomed to restore loss of motor performance, in the main in stroke survivors affected by associate higher limb palsy however conjointly in brain disorder, degenerative disorder, neural structure injury, and different malady varieties. Thus, multiple studies advised that robot-assisted coaching, integrated into a multidisciplinary program, resulted in a further reduction of motor impairments compared to usual care alone in numerous stages of stroke recovery: particularly, acute, acute, and chronic phases when the stroke onset.

MEDESTO GLOVE has 5 degrees of freedom associate degreed provides the motion of 1 or all 5 fingers through a passive motility joint placed between the tip and an entity that moves laterally. All 5 degrees of freedom supply full range of motion in the entire coverage of the fingers’ workspace. The interface between the human hand and therefore the machine is achieved because of elastic bands or plasters and therefore the wrist joint is restrained from movement by a Velcro strap. The


MEDESTO treatment is composed of:

  • Continuous Passive mobilization

  • Assisted Movement mobilization coaching (active coaching in a very virtual atmosphere by ending target-oriented tasks). 

The MEDESTO GLOVE can help you in the following problems if you have a disability of the upper limb:

  • Prevention of fingers and wrist shortening

  • Maintaining full range of motion of the fingers

  • Learning fine motor skills

  • Wrist mobilization

  • Grasp objects with the weak fingers

The hand serves an awfully necessary role with practicality. it's employed in everyday activities like eating, dressing, object manipulation, and handwriting. Therefore, re-training reach and grasping skills are important to the rising quality of life, and hand medical aid is employed to re-learn these basic skills. Upper-extremity impairment is that the most vital incapacity in stroke survivors. Patients with Parkinson’s and degenerative disorders conjointly usually have higher limb disfunction. rising proof shows that AI may be helpful in these populations still. Hemiparesis is usually seen in neural structure injuries wherever the proper or the left facet of the higher limbs are affected. Full or maybe partial recovery depends on repetition, intensity, and task orientation. Hence, among sensible reasons, the utilization of AI to extend the number of motor repetitions will aid in recovery. The dose-response relationship in stroke rehabilitation has shown that a lot of intensive therapies are related to a larger rate of motor recovery with no ceiling result being determined. Despite what the analysis shows, ancient active medical aid doesn't seem to be delivered with a high enough frequency and intensity thanks to labor limitations and price. ancient therapies also can end in repetitive strain injuries and fatigue by therapists. The variability between therapists are factors that would have an effect on or cause inconsistent outcomes.


The advanced robotic devices are capable of providing consistent coaching to live performance with high responsibility and accuracy. Above all, the AI will allow patients to coach severally with less superintendence from an expert. Stroke and neural structure Injuries Several robotic machines have shown to be effective in patients with stroke. For instance, the MEDESTO GLOVE helps to recover operate within the hemiparetic arm, forearm, and wrist joint in patients agency have old a stroke and have sequent hemiparesis. 


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