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MEDESTO GLOVE Premium (version for home and rehabilitation centers) is a robotic system for upper limb rehabilitation. It is small and portable, easy operating could do rehabilitation exercises anywhere and any time.


  • Using the principle of "exercise - re-learning" to reshape the brain nerve

  • Passive training

  • Multi-finger function

  • Single finger function 

  • Mirror Therapy

  • ADLs Training

  • Wrist rehabilitation

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MEDESTO GLOVE PRO has 8 training modes and can be used in all rehabilitation periods, first in the acid and later in the subacute and chronic stages. It offers the patient a comprehensive rehabilitation program to prevent or reduce spasticity and train the brain to use the hand correctly. The Pro version has excellent mobilization power without restrictions so that the patient can use his hand doing daily activities, promoting self-care and autonomy. The therapist or patient has the opportunity to choose a personalized exercise program to emphasize the improvement of weaker movements, mobilizing the more weak fingers in performing the actions


  • Passive flexion and extension

  • Single finger training

  • Multi-finger training

  • Task-oriented training

  • ADLs Training

  • Mirror training

  • Using the principle of "exercise - re-learning" to reshape the brain nerve

  • Wrist rehabilitation


The big selection of exercise choices makes the MEDESTO Glove appropriate to be used by the healthy and freelance golden ager for the upkeep of fitness and physical well-being, and conjointly for the physically impaired of all ages, as a part of a planned programmed and as a supplement to physical therapy.

The MEDESTO Glove has been in use in physical therapy and rehabilitation centers and is currently on the market for home use so you'll be able to continue your rehabilitation, while not having to depart your home.



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Improve your daily activities.


Transmit motor signals to activate the motor neurons


Capture mission objectives via touch / vision


Promotes the autonomic recovery of the brain

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Grasp objects that you use in your daily life

Why MEDESTOGlove is better?

Cover the patient's all stages of the hand rehabilitation period 

Innovative design used Soft Robotics technology

MEDESTO Glove is the best solution for professional rehabilitation at home

Apply to multiple departments, meet the clinical needs of different rehabilitation facilities

Apply to the rehabilitation of children with cerebral palsy

CE & ISO13485 certifications

Apply to the patients with neglect

Clinical effect: The FIM, STEF, BI scores of the treatment group are improved obviously than the control group

Designed by doctors & therapists

Doctors Review

What the doctors say about MEDESTO Glove.

Safety & Comfort
Humanized design
Soft Robotics Actuators
Wearable design


Soft Robotics Technology

Soft robotics technology is the best solution for patients with upper limb disabilities. The soft glove by MEDESTO is completely safe, and also offers enhanced precision and greater flexibility of hand movements. It is more ergonomic and promotes better fine motor mobilization.

Full Range of Motion

MEDESTO Glove is designed to provide the full range of motion (ROM) to the fingers, as well as the flexion and extension movements of the fingers.

Big Strength

The soft actuators are the best solution to replicate the finger and thumb motions suitable for many typical grasping motions. 

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